This Month in Board Gaming – March 2019

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write a This Month in Board Gaming post this month. I ended up being on an unintended board gaming and social media hiatus. Last month, I mentioned that we were in the process of buying a house and this has taken up much more of my time and headspace than I had originally expected.

Normal service will resume next month!

A Meme using a picture from Toy Story of Buzzlightyear and Woody talking and looking into the distance. the text above says 'Busy Season. Busy Season As Far As the Eye Can See'

This Month in Board Gaming – February 2019

Welcome to my first This Month in Board Gaming post this month we will be looking over February 2019! Each month I’ll be sharing my gaming and non-gaming highlights: what’s going on in my life, the social media post that I resonated with the most, and my most anticipated board game announcements of the month. Let’s get this show on the road because February has been an awesome month full of gaming and board game announcements that I can’t wait to share with you.

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