Board Game Challenges

These challenges are essentially pledges of how many times you will play a selection of games. They are often set by board gamers in January as a goal for the year. If you haven’t seen them on social media not to worry, here’s a little crash course in the type of challenges that people set themselves:

  • 10×10: This is possibly the most popular challenge that I see on social media. It seems many people see this as away to encourage them to play games that they haven’t played in a while. In this age of constant new games it’s so easy to overlook the games on your shelves to try the next new game so this is a nice way of reining that in!
  • 100×1: In contrast to the 10×10 challenge the 100×1 challenge is good for those who want to play more games maybe at their local board game café as you only need to play each game once and therefore don’t need to own them. It’s also good for those who want to play through their collection and remind themselves what they have. As with all these challenges it’s flexible to the amount of time you want to try and play so it could have just easily been a 50, 150, 200 or even your entire collection.