About Mattimus Primed

I first started playing board games* back in 2015, when a friend invited me to a games night to play Game of Thrones: The Board Game. Fighting for control of the Iron Throne, I realised that games nights were awesome and there was so much more to board games than I first thought! I was bitten by the board game bug and the next week I ordered my first game: Pandemic.

Since then my interest in board games has almost turned into an obsession. My game collection has grown and now includes some great titles like Carcassonne, Dead of Winter and Star Fluxx. I spend hours reading reviews and looking at games on Instagram trying to decide on what game to try next. One thing I’ve noticed is that although there is a wealth of information online, the volume of content makes it difficult to know where to start or is not easily accessible to new gamers.

As a relative newcomer to the board gaming scene I want to share my experiences from my perspective as I delve deeper into the hobby. I might be able to help others who are new to the hobby and provide an interesting perspective to experienced gamers.

So, what sort of content can you expect from my blog? For now, at least, I aim to post:

  1. Reviews: Honest, jargon-free board game reviews for everyone – whether you’re an experienced gamer, a newbie or a casual player.
  2. Help and Advice: Helpful, interesting discussions and information about board gaming, including signposting to other helpful board gaming resources.
  3. Culture: Up until this point all my board gaming has been done with my friends and family at home. I want to expand my horizons and get more involved in the culture and the community. I plan to attend more local and UK-based events, and then report my findings back here.

So stay tuned as I build ancient kingdoms, battle hordes of zombies, save the world from deadly diseases and defuse combustible kittens! This will be the chronicle of my epic adventure into the world of board gaming. I also hope that you’ll join me in sharing your thoughts, opinions and experiences as we journey across the tabletop together.

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*Tabletop game is the correct collective term for all board, card and dice games. However, for simplicity I use ‘board games’ throughout this post.

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I really want to encourage open discussion on this blog so don’t shy away from starting a conversation in the comments section on each post. I really want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and experiences!

If you have a more general query then please drop me a line using mattimusprimed@gmail.com 

About the Logo

The logo for my blog was created using symbols created by Delapouite from http://www.game-icons.net and used under Creative Commons License BY 3.0.  Thanks go to the creators for having free to use symbols.


Unless otherwise stated my content is 100% unsponsored. Where I share an opinion through; a board game review,  a board game list, a post about a current kickstarter, a post about a board game café or event, or any other post, it is entirely my own opinion which I have not been paid for.