KICKSTARTER | Why I just backed Tiny Epic Zombies!

You don’t have to be in the hobby long until you start to hear about the ‘Tiny Epic’ series by Gamelyn Games; games that are renowned for providing an epic gaming experience despite the tiny box size. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity to play any of the current Tiny Epic games yet. But as soon as I saw Tiny Epic Zombies pop up on Kickstarter, I knew this was about to change! And here’s why:

1) I. Love. Zombies!

Whenever there’s a book, TV show or film set in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic future, I’m intrigued – add zombies to the mix and I’m hooked! So, it’s a given that the same is true for board games – I love a good zombie tabletop adventure. Zombies!!! and Dead of Winter have pride of place on my shelf and think Tiny Epic Zombies will look brilliant next to them!

2) Small in size, big in gameplay! (with free Print ‘n’ Play)

An image showing the layout of the Tiny Epic Zombies free Print N Play version. Using components taken from other games.

Yes, the theme had me hook, line and sinker…but I was still dubious about whether the gameplay would live up to that Epic name. How much game can they really fit into those tiny boxes? It turns out, a lot!

I decided to check out the free Print ‘n’ Play first, so I could ‘try before I buy’ (and bonus points to Gamelyn Games for letting people demo the game for free!). We played two-player using the co-operative vs zombie rules: I was the zombie player and my wife was the human player. I was blown away by how much depth there was to the game, and the number of options each player has. The game didn’t feel limited in depth, but wasn’t overcomplicated or intricate either. There was the right amount of ‘stuff’ going on for the human player. I would say the zombie role was more limited, but I think that the zombie probably comes into its own a bit more with a larger groups.

If you want to check out the free abridged Print ‘n’ Play, you can find the files links on the Kickstarter campaign page!

3) So many ways to play!

An illustration for Tiny Epic Zombies by Gamelyn Game showing that it has 5 different play modes: Co-op, Co-op versus Zombie, Competitive, Competitive versus Zombie, and Solo.

Tiny Epic Zombies has 5 different play modes:

  • co-operative
  • co-operative vs zombie player
  • competitive
  • competitive vs zombie player
  • solo

I’m pretty sure that I’ve said this on the blog before, but versatility is important for me with the games I buy: I play with lots of different people, many who aren’t big board gamers, and I like to be able to cater to preferred styles of games. Not only that, having different modes mean you can tackle the game from different angles, which would (hopefully) keep it fresh and increase the gamelife.

Having no previous experience of the Tiny Epic series, I was originally very skeptical about the multiple modes and felt Gamelyn Games might be biting off more than they can chew, especially considering the limited box space available. Thankfully, when playing the Print ‘n’ Play game (based on the co-operative vs zombie rules) I found the game play engaging and well developed: If the game modes in Tiny Epic Zombies are all as well thought out, this game is likely to be a regular on my table.

I’m excited to try out other play modes, but I don’t want to over play the game before I’ve even got the full versions!

4) Cool Components!

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True to form of the Tiny Epic Game series, Tiny Epic Zombies has great thematic character cards and custom components:

  • ITEMeeples™ and Item weapons: A Tiny Epic staple, these great little ITEMeeples™ can be equipped with awesome weapons to help your characters fight of the zombies. The game has all the weapons you would hope to find if you were being chased by post-apocalyptic zombie hordes: an axe, a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, a chainsaw, a crossbow, and all the firepower you could need.
  • The Zombie meeples: The game will come with 18 awesome green zombie-styled player tokens, which from now I shall fondly call zombie meeples Zeeples Zombeeples!
  • Characters: There’s a fantastic range of characters available in the game, each with unique player abilities based on the characters’ personas. For example, the Athlete has the ability to move additional rooms if they start a turn in a room without a zombie, whereas the Doctor that can add 1 health to any  player when someone repairs a barricade.
  • Location cards: The game comes with 9 mall cards which have great artwork and are thematically based on typical mall stores. These are intrinsically linked to the games scenarios (the game objectives) as certain scenarios relate to specific stores.

I really enjoy that the components and cards build on the theme; it really helps immersing you into the game. I can’t wait to see these components in the (zombie)flesh!

If you’re interested in Tiny Epic Zombies (and you should be!) there is only 4 days left on the Kickstarter campaign, so get on there and check it out!

As Tiny Epic Zombies is currently on Kickstarter and the full game hasn’t been released at the time of writing, I can only speak from my experience with the Print ‘n’ Play and the information provided by Gamelyn Games – but in my honest opinion this was enough to show great potential, which is why I’ve backed it! Watch this space for more updates and what I think of the full game!

A Screenshot showing my pledge level for Tiny Epic Zombies.

[Image Credit: Most images used in this post are credited to Gamelyn Games and taken from their website/Kickstarter page]


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