KICKSTARTER|My First Kickstarter- Champions of Hara

Kickstarter was always going to make an appearance on this blog, but I hadn’t planned for it to happen so soon. It was my plan to back my first projects early next year, and discuss my experiences of backing all the way through to the games arriving on my door step.

But then Champions of Hara happened.

The colourful artwork, versatile game play (for both versus and co-op), amazing mini’s, and captivating narrative captured my imagination straight away. I instantly knew I had to get behind this game.

So, without further ado, lets take a closer look at my first kickstarter!

Artwork and Design

The first thing I noticed about Champions of Hara is the bold and strikingly colourful game illustrations, symbols and designs. Look at the pictures below and you’ll see what I mean.



As if the artwork wasn’t amazing enough, I was also impressed by the miniatures. I mean, wow! Each character has its own unique and intricate miniature. The level of detail and design is breathtaking. I just hope that they look as good in real life as they do in the promotional images!

Champions of Hara – Playable Characters (Miniatures)


Champions of Hara can be played in both Player vs Player (Versus Arena) and Co-operative (Scenario) game styles with the ability to play up to 6 players (with the expansion). For me this flexibility of game style and player numbers is really important. I game with different people who have varied taste in games. Also, I often want to play with a group of 6 and currently don’t have many games on my shelf that go above 5.

Story Arcs

The game is designed to be played in story arcs, where every player competes in a versus arena hoping to be crowned a Champion of Hara. Then the players work together in a co-operative scenario set around the winning character. The Kickstarter campaign has given a window into the world of Hara with snippets of the characters’ unique narratives. I have to say that I’m completely invested and can’t wait to play the game and delve deeper into the characters’ pasts! At the moment I’m 100% Team Kaoru! (and lets not forget Kuma his bear companion). Karou’s emotive backstory has stuck with me and I want to find out how he overcomes his past!

Champions of Hara – Comic excerpt showing Karou and Kuma.

Unique Characters and Progression Paths

In Champions of Hara, each character has its own resource system and unique style of play, so playing with different characters will allow for greater longevity and replay-ability. Karou’s character narrative is the one I want to explore, but it’s actually Persephone’s resource system which excites me the most. When she takes damage, she also takes a ‘fear’ which she can then use for special abilities! I think walking the tightrope between keeping Persephone alive and gathering ‘fear’ will be a challenging balancing act!

Champions of Hara – Character Resource Cards

We’re now entering the final 20 hours of the Champions of Hara Kickstarter campaign, so I recommend checking it out ASAP! It’s fully funded and smashing through the stretch goals.

Obviously, with this game being on kickstarter and not being released, I haven’t played it so I can’t speak from experience about whether it is a good game – but in my honest opinion it has great potential, which is why I’ve backed it!

[Image Credit: All images used in this post are credited to Greenbrier Games]


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